#2: Different Eyebrows

        On the list I compiled of what different people around the internet on Beatles forums have said were the features and attributes of the "real" JPM (it's on 2 or 3 of our forum threads), one thing commonly agreed on was that he had a highly-swooped right eyebrow. They said this was for certain one way to identify him as the true Paul McCartney. I can understand that when someone sees that highly-swooped brow, it stays in their memory, so they would always expect to see it again and again when viewing videos or pictures of Paul. So I ask now, if he has a highly-swooped right eyebrow at any given time, age or era that cannot be proven to be doctored or tampered with, that means it's really Paul McCartney, right? And if he has any other shape of eyebrows at any given time, age, or era, that means it isn't Paul McCartney?

         I personally do not believe there is any way to tell who the real JPM was, if he ever existed, but I want to document the many differing eyebrow shapes from 1959 to the present day, of this one particular Beatle, although I will just say in passing for now that the other Beatles had many different eyebrow shapes, too, but those can be for other projects.
To begin with, this particular eyebrow shape first showed up in 1961, and here are a few different shots of him in that year. This first and third pictures were taken from a distance, which will make his ears look smaller even when the picture is enlarged. These are from 1961 to 1963.


But here he is on the Dusty Springfield Show in 1963 with no swoop, and a very long neck.

But back in 1962, he has a low brow with a short line.

I'm not sure of the year on this one, but here is the same low brow with a short line. It's probably somewhere between 1958 and 1960.

1963 on the Today Show, low brow.

1960 on the far left below, and 1963 middle and far right.
I would say the two on the right are identical to each other, but the one on the left is not a match. However, is that a swooped brow or are they both low?

1964 Melbourne - low brow with a longer line.

The Ed Sullivan Show
No swooped right eyebrow.

1964 "A Hard Day's Night"
No swooped right eyebrow.
Some of us think there was more than one Paul involved in this film.

Now we come to 1965, and no sign of a swooped eyebrow anywhere.
This is the film Help! No swooped right eyebrow.
Again, some of us see more than one Paul in this film, too. More about that later.

Here's the Paul used in the Italian forensic article touted as having "real Paul" teeth.
So where are his "real Paul" eyebrows?

Here's Paul in 1965 appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, but no sign of a highly-swooped right eyebrow. Is that supposed to mean it's "Faul"?

The two versions of Rain in 1966 show no swooped brow anywhere.


And in Paperback Writer

As we see, when Paul was involved in the most important aspects of his Beatles career, he doesn't show up with a highly-swooped right eyebrow at all. That particular style of eyebrow was mainly present in photo shoots during early 1963, and then shows up again off and on after 1967, as I will document in subsequent posts on this thread.
Look at these different brows from the early and mid 60s:

Notice how there also are 3 different brow types in these 3 pictures:

Here's 3 more different brows:

How is it he can sometimes be different within the same era,

and sometimes be the same in a different era?

Now that the reader is hopefully acclimated to the different types, styles, and length of eyebrows Paul had, here are a few shots of him as a child. I don't see any evidence of a highly-swooped right eyebrow here.

"Different - And Frequently FAKE - Ears"