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Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:52 am
by Silversong
This was posted at FFD on June 5, 2012 by Lololark:

If there was ever a case for multiples; it's The Beatles.

There are a number of very likely reasons for the use of multiples in regards to celebrities, world leaders, etc.

One is so that the prominent figure or group can keep up with the demands of their grueling schedules. How else could one person do all the touring, performing, interviews, photo shoots, recording, filming, public speaking, writing, etc. that they do without taking any time off for sickness or fatigue?
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A second is to maximize the prominent figure’s appeal to a world-wide audience. Different regions have different specific physical features that they prefer. Also, individuals have their own set of features that they favor.
In the possible case of a person being cloned, and the clones are only 95-99% similar, there will be varying features among that cast of multiples. Then the 'handlers' can send certain ones to certain areas where they will appeal to the general tastes there. They then can also rotate the differing Beatles in and out of the public spotlight so that each one will get enough exposure to appeal to each person’s individual preferences.

Another one of the reasons to use multiples is to cause 'cognitive dissonance'. They look enough alike to pass as one person, but different enough for us to notice subconsciously. We sense something is wrong, but rarely question it in our conscious minds. Contributing to a society of schizophrenics?

And we ask, if these are all doctored, why are they being doctored to all look different instead of the same? To make us look silly for thinking there is a multiples conspiracy? That doesn't make us look silly, it makes it look like there are multiples. Which is a very serious problem, either way. We contend that these photos and film reels and vintage album covers aren't doctored. And if it's lighting/camera angle/lens etc. that is making the Beatlemania Beatles look different, then why can't people extend those same courtesies to the post-66 Beatles?

It's a double standard and a lack of objectivity. which will hinder one's ability to see what's going on in this world. If you idolize any of the key players, you're going to miss a big piece of the puzzle and continue going in circles with unanswered questions.

When we started this research, we had no leaning in regards to what to believe, but wanted to know the truth whatever it turned out to be. Which is likely why we've been able to see the things we've seen. We don't like, we think it's horrifying, and we wish it wasn't true, but there it is and we cannot deny it.

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:53 am
by Silversong
Another possible reason for the use of multiples is to accelerate achieving the desired results of planetary takeover. So much more influence and control can be exerted over the masses by constant and continuous saturation, to the desired effect. There appears to be a certain nefarious group who now run our entire world. They have overtaken governments, religions, the education system, the field of medicine and nutrition, the media, and I now believe Hollywood and Broadway were created just to accommodate their agenda, and use 'them' as the main players. They have brainwashed and programmed us from the time we can begin to watch television or listen to the radio. Isn't it interesting that movies came about around the time of WWI, and television around the time of WWII? Those wars didn't end, they just changed their tactics. Now it's a war for our minds, our souls. That was the real prize all along.

All that is left for them to do now is make us into robotic creatures who cannot object or resist - then they will turn us into their slaves and servants. Is this what vaccines, chemtrails, GMO foods, Dow and Monsanto, fluoridated water, et al, is intended for? Human beings are devolving spiritually and consciously, and if we don't wake up and resist and expose this, we will let them win the war that has never been over since humans made the first appearance here, whenever that really was.

They also run and own the banks and major corporations now. We are surrounded at every turn. Have we decided resistance is futile, or to just hide our heads in the sand and not believe any of it?

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:55 am
by Silversong
This was such a good post by Lololark in response to a new member introduction at FFD, that I wanted to post it here, too. It will help better explain our position as to why we think there is something more going on than doubles, dopplegangers, actors, etc. Readers who may not see this on one thread might come upon it on another, and I feel it's important for everyone to read.

Agreeing with the ‘cloning’ (for lack of a better term) theory is not a requirement here. I personally don’t expect anyone to agree with it. But what I would encourage is for readers and members here to consider all of the evidence we have provided for such a claim. And to consider the question of how they could be so similar, yet exhibit subtle differences. In other words; how could they be too different to be the same person every time, yet too similar to be a look-alike even with surgery?

If they are actors with surgery, and they had their eyes reset in their skulls, their teeth replaced (yet with differently angled molars), and their Adam’s apple reduced, yet still remain able to function normally, then it was done with technology that the public is not aware of. Which is all we’re saying in the end. Yes, there are subtle differences between the Pauls, but the similarities are too, too uncanny, and there is no explanation for that available to the public. That is the philosophy here. That, and to be open to any possibility without myopically closing one's self off to certain ones they may or may not like, or think is not possible.

Yes, actors with surgery is the logical immediate answer, but on the same token, it stands to reason that it would be more obvious if that were the case. As it is, they are all 96-99% similar in appearance and personality.

Like we always say, we didn't dream up this theory on a whim, it is the result of 1000s of hours of thorough, unbiased research. We hope it's not true, but as of now it seems it is - and I personally haven't seen a more likely explanation presented.

I would rather this site be known as the 'thorough, unbiased and open-minded forum' than as the 'cloning forum'.

I'd say the only way we could have come to the conclusion we have on cloning, or whatever the mysterious technology or 'magic' (which, BTW, is just science or our own innate abilities which have not been explained or revealed or remembered), or metaphysical circumstances or processes might be, was through thorough, unbiased and open-minded inquiry. So I'll happily be known both ways, and I stand by my findings and yours, as what we opened this research with, 100%.

One more thing I feel is really important to say about this is, it's necessary to see both the similarities and differences among the replications. There's no other way to come to the conclusion we have without doing so, and what good is any research if a person doesn't do so? A reminder, too, that clones are never 100% identical. That only means it's the same person, while clones are too similar to be a stand-in, but too different to be the same person; about a 96%-98% similarity.

Some of the tell-tale signs are supposed to be a feature on the face dropping lower, or changing sides of the face, or a neck becoming much longer, yet everything else being too identical to be an impersonator. Such things as these do not happen by themselves naturally with humans.

A very apropos response by Tink:
Furthermore, only cloning can explain the phenomenon of identical voices in multiples. For famous singers this is especially noteworthy, as not only must the doppelgangers all have identical tone, resonance, timbre, delivery, range, the ones who embody the "great voices" of their generation (the Streisands, the Chers, the Whitney Houstons, etc.) must all deliver the identical degree of "genius" in their performances. Expanding the phenomenon to include actors and speaking celebrities of all types, even if there's a surgery that can create vocal characteristics, the nuances of delivery are too subtle and complex for impostors to match every time. And even if there were some sort of laboratory programming that could be done on the subjects, at certain points the impostor would indubitably slip out of character, revert to their original selves with their original voice characteristics. No one can keep up such a demanding "act" indefinitely. Only cloning can explain the perfect and sustained voice replication.

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:59 am
by Silversong
One of the biggest reasons I've continued posting other celebrities, politicians, religious leaders, etc. as multiples is for supportive evidence that the Beatles were multiples, too. If people want to say it's all photo doctoring for the Beatles to look different, what is it for everyone else that doesn't even have the equivalent of a "PID" issue going on?

It's also the reason I post these other world notables in their Illuminati and satanic poses. If it means what it does when 'they' use them, doesn't it mean the same when the Beatles do?

And besides, about the photo doctoring. There are ways to show whether a picture has been tampered with. If you think that's the case, please email us with your evidence, or join this board and post it. Otherwise, we are going to proceed with presenting the Beatles, and others, as multiples because we sincerely believe this to be the case, and it means there is something very significantly wrong going on in the world.

Since it's the M.O. of the global rulers (most likely the "unseen" ones) to show us their hand so we know what they're plans are, and if we do nothing about it, they feel they can continue with no consequences or recriminations, we certainly don't look silly to catch on to the multiples conspiracy. We look observant, and that we trust our inner intuition that what we're seeing isn't just our eyes fooling us or the consequences of somebody changing all the photos.

So, instead of doing nothing about it, isn't it time to do something? And I would emphasize that it be a non-violent 'something', such as indifference and detachment to every system they've set up for us to fall into like a trap, such as voting and the world religions, as well as mainstream news, entertainment, all modern music, fashion and the youth culture, etc. We could become human beings, be real people instead of the plasticized ones they are turning us into, not only from without but from within, with GMO foods, chemical medicines, and so much more.

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:00 am
by Silversong
Paul was, and still is to some whether they're PIA or PID, a religion all its own. He is the god and savior thereof. Yes, they believe he offered the new hope that hadn't been realized through other religions, including Christianity. But as larkspur has just said, he didn't and couldn't deliver it, either.

I've seen religion from Jesus to Paul.... (John Lennon)

He has become an idol whom people worship, and it's like someone posted at ATS, his followers have developed a cult. That's just what the Beatles' creators were hoping for all along. They take the energy given to Paul because Paul/ Faul is the machinery through which they receive your worship. Someone said at PID last year that rock concerts are satanic worship services. Nothing holy ever happens at them, but demonic things sure do. What do you suppose the witch language that must be in every rock song is in those songs for?

I was told at another forum that this theory is "insanity" and "madness" and belongs in the "tinfoil hat brigade". Yes, the fact that this is being done to us is all of those things, but the fact that we've discovered it and have taken on to present it to others to warn and help humanity is none of those things. Yes, it's madness that this is being done to us, but not that we can discover and present it. We're not making it up. If you don't agree with what you see here, show us specifically where we're wrong, please.

It was also claimed that we see just "one little feature" but miss all the others, so we think it's a different person. If you think that's the case, please show us specifically where we've done this. Which picture/s? Which descriptions have we left out in our analysis and conclusion? However, if there IS a different feature from one picture to another, isn't that cause to question it and look into it further? Can you look into the mirror and see "one little feature" on your own face that changes from day to day, from year to year, and becomes something it never was before, and return back to its original appearance later on? Can your height go from 5'6" one year to almost 6' in two years, then lose an inch the year later, and begin after that to fluctuate to all former heights? Can you show up at different places during the same year having different heights of up to 5 inches discrepancy, not to mention different eyebrows an earlobes from day to day, and year to year, back and forth?

It takes a very clear understanding of what those behind all known and seen world leadership have as their agenda, to be able to understand and see into this theory, that it's true. We don't like that it's true, either. The difference is, we don't run from it or try to laugh it off.

The world finally accepted that the earth isn't flat, after lots of ridicule and violent opposition against the one who brought them that information. Maybe that's why Schopenauer said "All truth passes through 3 stages. First, it's ridiculed. Second, it's violently opposed. Third, it's accepted as being self-evident". We are now clearly in the ridicule stage, and it's bordering on the violent opposition stage, since we are being called rude names, and people are doing all they can to assassinate our character (by applying the above terminology to us personally) because they can't refute our findings. If anyone 'can', please 'do'. We want to be wrong! We just don't see how we are. :(

The more evidence we put forth on the multiples theory, the louder PID cries "photo doctoring", and I know they don't accuse us of that, they just need a reason to say there was never more than one Paul before 1966. They cannot accept that at any cost, they cannot just "let it be". No one will ever be able to say to me someday, "You knew and didn't tell us!". This isn't going to be on my head. I've tried to do my part.

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:02 am
by Silversong
I've lost track of where this quote came from, but it could very well be true, or something very similar to what it says may be.

The Dracos make beautiful-looking bodies from Anunnaki DNA and set these 'people' up as world celebrities of one sort or another, while they themselves - the Dracos - are inhabiting the bodies, living their filthy, vile lives inside these people.

As a case in point -- and just one of many -- here is a website called (drum roll):

Here is a search result:

Why do we need teen idols? Has anyone ever asked that question, as well as who thought of it, and how did they get this going? Did it start with Frank Sinatra? Sort of, but the word "teen" wasn't in use until the 60's, and thanks to Tavistock for creating that, creating yet another generational rift. If so, then it didn't actually start with Elvis, either. Hmmm, wonder who it could have been....

And what about all the screaming teenagers at every rock concert? What is that except worship, with their hands up in the air, the same as people do in church. It is in the collective subconcious of humanity to remember these entities as gods. Gods and goddesses are what the ancient peoples worshiped, and it hasn't changed in eons. They're put higher than a pedestal, and hyped up so much by the controlled media, that Ed Sullivan had girls already screaming for them at their airplane arrival in New York before they had ever even heard one of their songs.

Happening at every one of their concerts. This causes an inner psychological crisis, a desperation, an unfulfilled desire, as well as an altered state of consciousness so the "message" carried by the song lyrics can take effect.

They're considered gods and demi-gods, and I believe it's because they partially are - literally - and we are programmed to receive them that way, both from the past and present.

Re: Why the Use of Multiples?

PostPosted: Thu May 05, 2016 3:37 am
by Silversong
I picked this up on Google images. It sounds like another way to say the same thing as the title of this site. ... e-beatles/

Didn't they always? :? :!: And to dot the "i"s with "x"s?? Is there a cryptic message in that? Especially since there's 4 x's?