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Were The Beatles Angels of Light?

This is where to discuss why the Beatles were brought to world-level center stage, and for what purposes they were utilized. Also for general discussion on the effects of rock 'n roll music.

Re: Were The Beatles Angels of Light?

Postby Tink » Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:10 pm

Yup. The Beatles, and all rock stars, were created specifically to induce in the population exactly what this passage from Galatians describes. All along the "entertainment" industry has flaunted it in our faces by calling their music celebrities "idols" -- an idol being a false deity fashioned into a visible image for adoration by an ignorant public. The purpose of music idols was and is to replace love and worship and following of God with love, worship and following of creatures, and the lowest, most debased of those that can be fabricated. Thus to induce a kind of mass insanity, as you mention here. And also the overwhelming lust indicated in the verse, and the drunkenness (including drug use), and envy (what avid fan has ever not felt upset and envious for being shut out of the life of their favorite "star"?). The King James translation renders one of the words in verse 20 "seditions". The definition of sedition is: "conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against... authority". The Douay-Rheims version renders it "dissensions", dissent being to "hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly, or officially held". In other words, the civilization-destroying counterculture, the great youth rebellion, which The Beatles spearheaded.

Both the KJ and the DR translations render "spiritism: as "witchcrafts". That of course, is the Evil Four to a T, as has been discussed throughout this website. Sorcery and elements of the mystery religions weave constantly throughout their works, they dress as sorcerers in Magical Mystery Tour, and lest the public be too dense to get it (alas, we all were) they added Yoko to the mix, who publicly admitted/admits to being a witch... I wonder how many women took up the study and practice of witchcraft in imitation of Yoko, because it bagged her Beatle John -- and who wouldn't want their own version of that?
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