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1974 Harrison/Lennon interview

1974 Harrison/Lennon interview

Postby bandi » Sat Nov 22, 2014 7:03 pm

This interview of George Harrison and John Lennon on youtube from 1974:
just freaked me out as I listened to it.
At about the 4:50 mark 'Lennon' takes over the interview from George. George was talking about how he met David Bowie in the locker room backstage in Memphis and George wanted to see what Bowie looked like, since he had only seem photos of Bowie in the magazines. So George reached out and removed Bowie's hat so he could look into his eyes since the hat was covering them. It's at that point when 'Lennon' takes over and interrupts George; yet it's not the fact that he interrupted him that's bothering me. It's the accent. Gone is the Liverpool accent that we all know and love; what replaces it is what stunned me. I had to rewind it and listen to it over and over about 20 times. I listened to it trying to put my finger on what it was that bothered me so much. The Liverpool accent just disappeared and what replaced it was I don't know what. It's an accent that I've never heard before. It's without a doubt not an accent that he had from the first time I heard him speak which was probably in 1963.
This reminds me of the ridiculous Bed In that 'John' and 'Yoko' had, when Al Capp (I think that's who it was) came into the room to interview them and he mentions to 'John' that he's probably not even English like the other members of the Beatles cast. Once Capp said this and it was captured on tape, 'Lennon' tells his handler---I can't remember his name, but it wasn't Mal or the other guy who had been with them from the beginning---to get rid of Capp. It seemed that Capp picked up on the fake English accent as it came apart and when he said something about it he was 86'd from the hotel room.

The other thing I noticed going forward from the 4:50 mark was how 'Lennon' was saying, "the most who were ever here were me, Paul and...who was the other one?...Ringo" then he snickers, and you can hear George freeze when he said that. He couldn't remember who the 4th guy was in the band. This just freaked me out.
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Re: 1974 Harrison/Lennon interview

Postby Silversong » Sun Nov 23, 2014 12:10 am

Very strange indeed, but really a poor quality audio. Too bad we can't watch them speaking.
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