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Another slip up during an interview

Another slip up during an interview

Postby bandi » Fri Jan 09, 2015 6:48 pm

OK, this is incredible how little things, once you know what to look and listen for, tell us what's really happening.

In this video taped in the Dakota the day of his 'death'--
The Man, the Memory - Last Interview Special - Dec. 8th 1980 part 2 of 6
the guy playing Lennon is talking about how he met Yoko at the art gallery of his friend. He's telling the story of how he was expecting an orgy with the 'artist' Yoko, and at 8:11 he says "I go right down know, Lenn....goes down see what's happening"... he's talking about going to the gallery to meet her, expecting an orgy. But at exactly 8:10 (between 8:10 and 8:11) he starts to say "goes down see what's happening" as if he's talking about someone else being Lennon and going down to meet Yoko, he catches himself though and doesn't finish the word 'Lennon' he just says the first syllable , 'Lenn...goes down see what's happening". Again, like any true researcher, you need to approach the listening for this slip up with patience in quiet setting in order to hear the screw up in what he said. Replay it over and over from 8:06-8:13 five or six or ten times. You'll hear it quite clearly, how he's showing that he was given these memories to repeat when needed. It's like that with most of these guys. The memories are programmed into them like distinct traits that each one has/had. Programmed into them are the twitches, head movements, smiles, smirks, body english and stances, etc.

The other day I watched a video of 'John' when he played at his benefit concert for the mentally ill at Madison Sq. Garden, the year after 'George' played his benefit show (Aug. 71 for GH and Aug. 72 for JL). I attended both shows--lucky me, so true for GH's show and a big NOT for JL's show. When the camera was showing these extreme closeups of JL from his left there was a long scar showing on his left jawbone, that ran almost the whole length of the jaw bone. While I was watching the vid, whenever I saw this shot showing the scar I'd stop the video and leave the stopped motion capture of JL on the screen. Then I'd spend a minute or so just meditating on this scar. I was 'listening' to hear what it was that was being told to me regarding what this scar was about. Now I'm not claiming to have any special abilities or anything like that, because, what it was that I was doing was what anyone can do if they put their energy into it and not get distracted. What I kept getting was, this thing that was wearing JL's face was some sort of non-human thing and the scar was an implanted voice box so that it could sound like the rest of the JL's who've played the part, whether they were human or not. The video that I'm talking about is one of the vids that clearly shows a completely different ear than any JL ear I've ever seen.

This is also the video that has Yoko 'singing'. I wanted to let whoever watches the video know ahead of time that there's a good chance that you may want to commit hari-kari or worse, upon listening to this dissonance. I think even the then current acting JL was getting a little sick of her at this time in the relationship.

This to me is proof that if there ever even was a John Lennon this ain't him...and it goes for the rest of the Beatles, if there ever really were any original Beatles..who can tell us or show us the originals...? the more I see stuff like this screw up of him talking the more I believe there were never any originals.
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Re: Another slip up during an interview

Postby Silversong » Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:58 am

Very early during Beatlemania the Beatles are asked in an interview which one of them thought up the name "The Beatles". Paul, George and Ringo chimed in: "John did", and then John nodded his head and said, "John thought of it". Another slip-up?

Also notice Paul eats an apple right- and left-handed.
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