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The Lennon "Shooting"

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:02 pm
by Silversong
We were asked at the visitor section where this picture of John at the "morgue" with a missing ear came from, and I posted this:
As far as I can discover, this picture showed up on the cover of the National Enquirer right after the alleged shooting. Before the idea of that magazine is laughed off or scoffed at, let me remind that some of the most incriminating information planted by the handlers and creators of the Beatles were placed into their cartoons. It is the modus operandi of the globalist criminals to show their hand so we've been forewarned as to what is happening, and they like to do so in ways and places that won't be taken seriously. However, later they can say "We tried to warn you", and that way they believe they are unburdened of their karma. What better plan than to establish a questionable tabloid of which they teach the public to be skeptical, so they can place their disclosures into these dubious places they themselves have created?

I worked in a small regional office for the National Enquirer in the early 70s. I was secretary to the Regional Manager, and I recollect he and one other salesman occupied that office. I believe they were both Jewish, which in and of itself would be of no consequence, except for the fact that the Zionist Jews are at the forefront of the programs being put into place to take over the world. I'm thinking more and more that this Lennon "shooting" was possibly one more addition to their attempt at gun control. Why not tug at the heartstrings of the fans of one of the world's biggest celebrities in order to socially engineer emotional support for their agenda?

Going by the picture on the right, compare the ear placement with the picture on the left -- or rather where the ear 'should' be in the left-side picture. In the left pic, the part that looks like it's where his ear is or should be is way too high, as if behind where the temple should be. His head looks like it's melting, and has a 'ripply' effect underneath which I don't think pertains to graininess of the picture.

I also don't understand what appears to be two separate sideburns on the left. Isn't his hair way too dark and 'curly'?

His ear is lower here (normal position) like in the top right picture.

There's a discussion about this from 2007 at the Paul Was Replaced/ NIR forum. Almost everyone agrees that the ear is gone, and some have differing theories as to why or how. Someone is saying his head is very oddly shaped, and looks like it was attached artificially.

Tink: but that room isn't a morgue. Morgues don't use heavy black drapes to cover the bodies, and their environments are clinical and sterile. Whatever that red-framed thing is on the wall (a painting? a closed cabinet?) it doesn't belong in a morgue.

Those white squares outlined in black in the background look possibly to me like an oriental 'screen', much like the sliding doors they use between rooms in places like Japan. Yes, why would there be wall art in a morgue? Who do we know who is connected to Lennon and is Oriental? You're right, Tink. That is no morgue. And Randy is probably right that there was no 'real' shooting.

Here is a 1980 John unit's ear which has a visible seam, and this man, a few months later, was dead on a gurney with the same side of his head showing no ear at all as depicted above (perhaps removed by an ME or EMT or having fallen off).

Re: The Lennon "Shooting"

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:19 am
by Silversong
I didn't listen to all of this video, but in reading the comments, I came across someone asking what was being mumbled about the shooting of John Lennon. Someone answered:

"It was Cuban hit man Jose Perdomo, working as the concierge who shot Lennon and phoned the police then pointed to chapman and said it was him, this explains the anomalies in the number of bullets and their strange trajectories. If you look it up try a few different ways of spelling the surname, he was also involved in the bay of pigs disaster. Peace"

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