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Characteristics for the "Real" James Paul McCartney?

Characteristics for the "Real" James Paul McCartney?

Postby Silversong » Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:19 pm

This is a compilation of information from many different posts from a number of members of a few other forums, all trying to describe one or two particular features the "real" Paul will have:.

You know it's really Paul because he will have:

*Swooped brows - highly arched (or only the right brow swooped).
*Chipmunk Cheeks (I've seen maybe 1 or 2 pics like that).
*A deeply cleft chin (Where did that go, even in the early years?).
*Extended ears (Where did those go, even in the early years?).
*No rhythm and couldn't dance (He sure could in 1965, and somewhat in '64, but not quite as well '66?).
*A scar just to the right of his chin (Not always seen).

*When he smiled or sang, all of his top teeth showed up to the gum. (No, not always.)
*He was bald and had to wear a wig. (Only seen that once, and it was just a front hairpiece.)
*He was very short. (Only in 1963 and again later from time to time in the 70s+)

I've since then also come across these postings:
*He had very little or no chest hair, but had very hairy hands.
*Had Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and that he wore diapers due to "explosive" diarrhea. We're supposed to be able to detect this in the "Help!" movie.
*His nose never beaked - only Faul's did that. (Oh, really? See this thread:
(to be filled in later)
*Had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (because of the picture in Hamburg where he's goofing around and is all sprawled out on a large bench or trunk, or something.)
*Had Grave's Disease (bulging eyes in a picture here and there).

Add to this the fact that he would have been bipolar due to the many different personalities and temperament types he displayed. Either that, or he had multiple personalities.

Yes indeed, where DID the cleft chin go?
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