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Who runs the world, from whom do they descend? What is their ultimate goal, and do they have an agenda?


Postby cmsahe » Sat Aug 22, 2015 5:41 am

I noted yesterday from the picture of Putin descending to the bottom of the Black Sea that this Putin looks weak (weak of character, not health), with a bloated face. Do you remember that some 6 months ago he suddenly vanished and there were rumours about him being seriously ill or even dead?


This was posted to Before it's news these comparisons of pictures:
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Re: Putin

Postby Tink » Sat Aug 22, 2015 6:27 pm

I notice that in some of the pictures on the website this new, bloated "Putin" has that weirdly shiny skin characteristic of organic robotoids.
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Re: Putin

Postby bandi » Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:17 am

I just left the site before its news at the link you posted, Tink, and it cannot be any clearer that there are at least two Vlads out there. The ear pics are what did it for me. There's that little jog in the ear where the ear connects to the side of the face; one Putin has it and the other doesn't. Then there is mole under and to the side of the left nostril; again, one has it and the other one doesn't.
Silversong has commented many times how a clone is so close to being an exact duplicate except for the most minute differences. It's clear as crystal for all to see. What will they do with this information ? NOTHING. People don't care. They're too engrossed with survival, with fun and excitement, with fulfilling their needs for sex, drugs, new cars, cool clothes (!!__that's funny), etc.
What could they do with this info anyway ? Even if people were shown this info many wouldn't believe it. Actually, most probably wouldn't believe it. I sometimes wonder what's more sickening--the fact that the PTB are doing this type of nefarious-ness or, that most people could give a hoot what's happening as long as they get that new gadget or car or boyfriend/girlfriend/sex partner.
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Re: Putin

Postby Silversong » Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:50 am

I've posted this somewhere else, but here it is again for reference.

Here's one I hadn't seen before. However, when he compares Obama with GW Bush, those are NOT Bush's eyebrows, so he may be doing some 'fugding' on this. Just to beware and always back things up with your own research.

Both Russia and The United States Government have had secret human cloning programs going since before the 1950's.
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