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Who runs the world, from whom do they descend? What is their ultimate goal, and do they have an agenda?


Postby bandi » Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:15 am

This is an excellent article called 'Doubles, Clones & Aliens'. It's from this site: ... nmadealien

I never knew this but it says that they will grow a--I don't know what to call it !--a thing (a person ?) and at a certain point while it's in the tank, they'll inject it with DNA from someone they want to clone. In a matter of a few days the one that got injected GROWS THE FEATURES OF THE ONE THAT THEY'RE CLONING. In other words it starts out resembling a human with no facial features of it's own, then after the DNA gets put in it BECOMES the one they're duplicating. Wow.

From the article:
'Lab-clones can be created from scratch using the donor's DNA starting from the egg cell stage using recombinant DNA technique; while the other method of human lab-cloning grows the host bodies and store them for eventual DNA transformation that changes the host body to that of the person being copied over several days. And lab-doubles require genuine human host bodies that are snatched from among the general public. When this is done, people will go missing or framed/initiated in brutal murders, found guilty, sentenced or taken away for fake death; and those who are sentenced commit suicide or die is some strange way.'

'Lab-doubles are generated using DNA infusion, where the DNA of the person, the blueprint of the body form, features and voice pattern, to be copied is collected from blood, skin, etc. processed and prepared for the transfer procedure into a different host body. The targeted host body DNA is suppressed as the foreign DNA is transferred, which completely overrides the body's original DNA and physically starts to transform it in hours. The use of Lab-Doubles and Lab-Clones in the political and corporate spheres is widespread worldwide.

And this, it's been 'tested' for almost a hundred years:
'As mentioned earlier, the experimentation of transplanting DNA into a different host has been tested since the 1920s, even though the reality of the double helix (DNA) came into public knowledge in the September 1967 issue of the National Geographic magazine in an article titled "THE NEW BIOLOGY."

How sick is this ?:
As the 1990s dawned a Russian science lab in Siberia discovered how to create an artificial living mind/consciousness/personality that can be inserted into an individual's mind unnoticed, where that personality acts as a spy, with sight and ear senses recorded from a distance monitoring site Russian lab.

And this:
'Another method of the cloning process in the hybrid creation stage: the egg cell is modified to grow only the human body form with faint facial features where the eyes, nose, mouth, etc. are not fully formed. When the clone is ready for deployment the muted facial features are fully developed after giving the clone an infusion of the person's DNA to bring about complete transformation while inside the chamber equipment. This method produces clones that are very identical.'

'When a new adult clone is ready for deployment it is brought out of stasis. Awakened it will randomly do hand gestures, stand, make strange sounds, etc. These behaviors are normal as the clone has no indoctrinated memory information to coordinate itself, but once the holographic brain memory of the original mind is downloaded into the clone, it behaves and acts like the original person – remembering friends, families, general information, etc. The clone is placed in a chamber device outfitted with inputs, where information, genes or memory, is transferred into its body, etc. Depending on the mission, a few clones of the same person are prepared and in waiting, because sometimes clones are neutralized (i.e. killed or captured) by counter-forces in political scuffles in governments and corporations. The other duplicates not yet deployed are returned to stasis until they are ready for deployment. Before these "in waiting" clones are deployed their memory history is updated.'

I've read about this before:
'The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and other involved elites are planning with the intention of controlling the pending alien invasion agenda in a very tricky way using operatives in the military and government, assisted by mind-control; individuals who have had their bodies modified to appear alien-looking and low level actors fitted with alien-looking costumes. The Rockefellers are behind the grey alien hysteria being popularized in the United States, while the Rothschilds are plotting the reptilian alien sensation, and both alien types are being programmed into the public's psyche through various UFO outlets – contacts, books, conferences, etc. The agenda started to gain popularity after the 1970s when factions of the elites made advances in areas of science that are still being kept secret from the public.

The CIA began instructing Hollywood to produce terrifying alien movies to help condition the public and also generate profit. And since the movies are passed off as science-fiction the viewers readily open their minds to absorb the information. When the movies are discussed in public the participants reassure each other that luckily it is all make believe and that they do not have to worry. But the CIA and others behind the operation would say, not yet. Many of these alien movies are causing cynicism to develop among the population, but if the elites are allowed to play their alien invasion agenda in reality, the public will surely undergo psychological breakdown, because science-fiction and reality will overlay each other, with the masses accessing movie scenes in memory and blending those storyline with reality creating all sorts of what if scenarios which could result in terrifying reactions. The pending invasion would be many times more grandiose than the United States September 11, 2001 terrorist plot.'

This is great:
Science Fiction:
'The realm of science fiction is a conduit for the society to experience future possibilities without the associated trauma of reality. While many in the movie audience will go away laughing and enjoying themselves a few will wonder if there is a message behind the movie they saw. Often when you see something from Hollywood it is to prepare you for eventual reality.

The public awareness of many things in science and technology is approximately 50 to 100 years behind what is going on in secret, and movies are the public's only means of experiencing happenings still being kept top secret, but obviously in a make-believe environment.

[color=#FF0000]The general public is programmed from birth to think and behave within confined paradigms[/color]. The ones who will have to leap out of those confinements are those in the sciences, for their minds will wonder off into different ways of doing things. And those different ways after becoming workable are fed to the general public in time-release stages.

Many science fiction writers of yesterday and today are becoming prophets of tomorrow.'

Jeeeez. These monsters are horrific.
There's more in this excellent article. One of the red shield family members is controlling it.
It's really informative and maybe it's something that can and will open a few minds. I hope so.
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