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Dick Clark--American Bandstand

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Dick Clark--American Bandstand

Postby bandi » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:58 pm

In 1967, on Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand' Dick was revisiting a taped interview from four years earlier that he had with the lads. The questions he'd ask were the insanely banal and insipid questions that were asked repeatedly of the Beatles by every single interviewer.

Near the end of the show, Dick was playing a tape recording of the interview that he had with them in '63. Interspersed with the Q & A session, Dick would make comments that the audience would giggle at while they were enjoying the flippant way that the early Beatles would answer the questions.
If one remembers whenever the Beatles would arrive in a town or city there would be a media blitz with many interviewers showing up.
In the early years during these press P/R shows, every question put to the Beatles was always answered by a cute answer that was delivered at the speed of light by one of the four savvy showmen. Then the lads would laugh which caused everyone in the audience to laugh along with them. It was almost impossible to not enjoy how pert, saucy and boldly smart some of their answers were, and, each member of the group often appeared to be 'on' like a comedian who is being sincerely loved by their audience.

Right near the end of the show at about the 4 minute and 10 second part of the show here:

Dick played another dumb Q & A. then remarked "ah ha, it was a lot of fun in those days, as you they no longer make personal appearances, they do record together"...
When he said the words " those days, as you see..." the look on his face is revealing. He wants to say something can feel it, he wants to say something so badly but he can't. As those words roll out of his mouth his face betrays him, his face is saying "I know something that will absolutely blow you people away, but I will not say a word about what it is that I know".
Following this comment, he's talking about how the Beatles will be making an appearance on the next week's show (Dick Clark was the producer/owner of 'American Bandstand'; it ran every week in the 60's and most of the 70's if I remember correctly).
This is what he says after that: "That was the Beatles from a few years back. You'll see a fantastic change next week when they appear here on American Bandstand. ' Then he asks someone off camera if they had a recent picture that showed the Beatles and their 'fantastic change' that he was warning us about, but the off camera guy said he had no photo. Dick then says, again, with the warning to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear: "You'll notice a definite change between then and now, next week..."
Remember, all of the entertainers, musicians, 'stars' of the day knew things that we weren't privy to. And, sometimes you can feel the ones that knew just by reading their faces and emotions.
If anyone else can watch this short video (it's less than 5 minutes long) I'd appreciate anyone else's feedback if you have any on this...
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