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A Clone or Robotoid Without Its Mask?

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Re: A Clone or Robotoid Without Its Mask?

Postby Silversong » Fri Sep 08, 2017 12:35 am

At the very time I was looking at that article, Acer, I was also listening to this video (for the third time -- I watched it the other night when it was on live-stream) where he says AI has always been part of the Matrix, and how our minds are going to be integrated into the network system (the "internet of things"?).

"Most people think this is new; it's not. It's always been here. The AI has always been here; the Matrix, it's always been there. We're just being given the opportunity - those of us who want to go deeper into it will have that opportunity. Those who want to leave are going to be given the opportunity. It's a very stark contrast."

What exactly is the matrix simulation we are currently experiencing? Is everyone here a soul, or are some people projections of the matrix program?
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