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Username Guidelines

Postby Silversong » Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:28 pm

Please do not choose a name that shows any affinity for or aversion to the Beatles or "Featles", either individually or collectively, or any of their song titles. Through a lot of trial and error in the beginning of these forums I've opened, I've learned that it's best not to post with a name that states a certain position, endorses the Beatles and their songs, or may oppose the position of another where the Beatles are concerned. In other words, please don't choose a name that would condone or promote the Beatles or their music.

Also please do not choose a name that is occult, demonic, prejudicial, intolerant of others' beliefs or that would be considered from the 'dark side'. I believe that words and their meanings carry energies, and that is why I don't want anything that is from the lower vibrations. We are trying to expose what has been done to us as well as to whoever these Beatles entities were, and do not want to open any 'windows' for that to become part of this forum.

Last but not least, even though I've allowed a few exceptions, I prefer usernames that are real words or real names that can be pronounced, and include both vowels and consonants.
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