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Please read if you would like to register

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Please read if you would like to register

Postby Silversong » Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:13 pm

I would like for all new prospective members to post here on this thread or in the Visitor Section as to what your interest is in joining us, and what username you would like to use. You will either agree with our findings, disagree, or are unsure as yet. In any case, let us know where you stand, what your plans are in joining, and what you can contribute to this research. After you do this, I will respond to your registration in the appropriate manner.

For those who agree with our findings, we would be very grateful for you to be an active part of the ongoing research into this matter. There's no need to join if you only want to read messages.

For those who disagree, the only way your posts will be allowed to stand is if you include graphic evidence of why you believe we are incorrect. Just verbally stating "this" or "that" will not be effective or acceptable, as you can see that is not how we have presented our own theories.

If you are unsure, please say so and state where you stand at this time.

Please also read and follow the Username Guidelines:

And the Posting Guidelines:

By requesting membership here, you state that you have read, and agree to abide by the above two guidelines. If you don't agree that research can be conducted via using pictures, then this isn't the right forum for you. Do not wait until after you're approved to say you think the pictures are doctored (to make them DIFFERENT, no less), etc., unless you're willing to point out where each picture has been altered, and for what purpose.

Otherwise, this board will become a mess of chaos, confusion, fights and hard feelings. While we don't 'hate' the Beatles, we are not here to promote or pay tribute to them, and I would like to keep everything within those parameters.
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