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Re: Draconians: Known as the Serpent Race (NWO)

Postby Silversong » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:06 am

Bandi, thank you so much for the very nice things you have said here. I can and will leave the site and forum going as long as it's serving a purpose, and as long as anyone wants it even for reference. I just needed to know. I'm disappointed there isn't more conversation here, but that's just me. Something else that might happen someday is internet censorship. I cannot imagine this site surviving that, if it takes place.

I recently heard Michael Tsarion say that we need to safeguard the things that shouldn't be shown to those who aren't ready for them. Some people are too scared for even the idea of PID, let alone this presentation we have here of multiples going all the way back to the beginning. Paul was always Osiris, the "dying and rising sun god", and the others had their parts, too. Perhaps part of it was to make each "resurrection" just slightly different, so as to be pointing to a "new beginning". And it's also why there are so many references to the sun in his songs. The evilarchy worships their (black hole) sun deities, and like one of my recent posts said, they make all their celebrities live out those exact same lives in their songs, movies, et al.

And I Love Her, is that about Isis? Who is he 'really' singing about in Yesterday? His soul? And like our guest who suddenly stopped posting about "Lucifer Baby", we were beginning to see other hidden messages come to light about the purpose of the Beatles.
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