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An Anomaly in Jimmy Fallon's Finger Story

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Re: An Anomaly in Jimmy Fallon's Finger Story

Postby Silversong » Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:50 pm

I have a friend who was a little beyond being a Beatles fan at her age when they became famous, but she is an avid Coast to Coast fan. I've been sharing some of this information with her, and she has pointed out that the Noory(s) with the slanted right eye are like Edgar Allan Poe who had Carbon Monoxide poisoning. When someone has that, one eye will be lower, and the opposite corner of their mouth will be lower. She agrees those 3 Noorys look different from each other.

I'm not sure what that tells us, but these two are uncannily similar in many ways. Even the way George spoke in the spooky lower voice about John B. Wells and the mothership, as well as himself being a robot, is like "quoth the raven, nevermore".
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