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Is There A Correct Human Diet?

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Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:30 am

This thread originally began at FFD in June 2012.

I'm going to say something here that I haven't seen or heard said before. You can't study this in school or get a degree in it because it is connected to alternative history. In order to figure out whether there's a correct human diet, it first needs to be ascertained what a 'human' is. If we macro-evolved from apes, then the paleolithic diet would probably be correct and would provide all the nutrients we need. If we were created by a divine being in a garden of fruit, then the fruitarians are probably right, and a diet of fruit and nuts should provide all our intended nutrients.

However if the Theory of Intervention is correct, there were up to 22 different cosmic races who would have, or may have, contributed their DNA to the development of the human being as a species. Therefore, how do we know what food "they" ate on "their" planets, and whether it even grows here, and whether what we would need for one component of our make-up might be incompatible with another? Maybe this is why no matter what diet someone follows, they can't avoid sickness of some kind sooner or later. They can't avoid all the diet-related problems one way or another.

One thing in particular I've read is that we have a very high requirement for one of the metals, but I can't remember for sure which one. It was berillium or vanadium, or one of those. A high requirement 'for' it, but the Earth is in short supply 'of' it. Something just doesn't add up there for either Darwinism or Creationism.

I'll post the health articles I've found that come the closest to what I think we can hope for. Most of the nutrionists mean well and are trying their best to help us. I think the rest is up to us to realize we just don't have all the information we need about who we are, and probably not all the food sources we need.
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:31 am

I think about the only problem I have with this video is that I don't think we're designed to be herbivores any more than we are to be carnivores. Vegetarian, Vegan or Fruitarian are definitely different from Herbivore.

Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper - 1993

Official Website for Dr. Michael Klaper

Forks Over Knives
See the full documentary FREE online -

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

Explore the consequences of a meat (animal-based) diet. Are we really designed to be omnivores OR does a plant-based diet suit us best?
*** Herbivore vs. Carnivore - You be the judge ! ***

Great websites for helping you transfer from a meat based to a plant based diet.

How science and medicine have betrayed you

Dr. John McDougall


NOT Milk

The Most Comprehensive Listing of Country Health Profiles and World Health Rankings for all leading Causes of Death ever assembled in one place. ... h-rankings
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Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:33 am

Stone Age Dentists Used Beeswax for Fillings
Australian scientists have helped date what may be the world’s oldest dental filling – in a tooth crowned with beeswax in a 6500-year-old human jaw.

The portion of lower jaw, which was uncovered in a cave wall in northern Slovenia – an area rich in archaeological sites – bears two premolars, two first molars and a cracked canine filled with beeswax.

The thickness and size of the specimen suggests it belonged to a male, while the degree of wear on the teeth points to an owner aged in their late 20s.

Read more: ... r-beeswax/

Foods That Feed The Pineal Gland

The "Master Gland" that oversees the Third Eye

"...Sunlight is extremely important for the pineal gland and yes sunlight is a form of food, as food is any substance that nourishes the body. Sunlight can be taken in and digested through the eyes, skin, hair, nose hairs, and ears and should be consumed for at least 30 minutes a day. To fully engage the pineal gland, sunlight should be taken in through the pupils.

"Seaweed vegetables that are sun-dried by the sun contain high amounts of vitamin D, many vitamins in the B-vitamin family and iodine. Those vegetables include and are not limited to kombu, arame, wakame, dulse, nori, etc.

"Dark leafy greens like our kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, bok choy, collard greens, etc., are extremely nourishing for the pineal gland, as this gland absorbs the properties of the green color of the vegetables and properly distributes them to the appropriate systems of the body so that the body is thoroughly nourished.

"Consuming meats including fish that has high amounts of mercury, carbonated beverages, fluoride in our water and our toothpaste and access to smog negatively affect the pineal gland and can block its ability to function properly. When you consume meat from an animal, you are ingesting the DNA of that animal and therefore taking on the negative and positive experiences of an animal which could interrupt the ability of the pineal gland to take on its own psychic awareness blueprint of the individual.

"The proper foods can positively affect your pineal gland but you can also activate your pineal gland by eating more of a raw foods, vegan, or vegetarian diet, ..., and drinking filtered water. As much as the pineal gland needs sunlight, it also needs to produce enough serotonin to be activated so that it can increase its psychic awareness; therefore, serotonin is produced when the brain is asleep, and therefore sleeping in a very dark room is extremely nourishing for the pineal gland as well. Foods that produce serotonin are almonds, bananas, hot peppers, rice, potatoes, and black-eyed peas and when consumed can also nourish and feed the pineal gland as well."

Read more: ... gland.html

How To Clean Up The Pineal Gland

Here are some basics for pineal detox:

1. Mercury - this is really bad for the pineal gland. It's poison. Don't let this get into your body. Mercury tooth fillings are pineal toxins. Have them removed. All medical vaccines are also mercury-tainted. Thimerosal (a vaccine preservative) is methyl mercury and is very difficult to get out of the brain once it's in there. Avoid eating fish and bottom feeders such as shrimps and prawns. Tuna and dolphin meat is particularly bad for mercury – the bigger the fish the higher the concentration of mercury in its body tissue.

Eco light bulbs – if one is smashed mercury vapour is released into the room and inhaled. Avoid at all costs breaking one indoors.

Mercury can be removed from the body by the daily use of chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina. Cilantro herb taken daily can help remove mercury from brain tissue.

2. Fluoride - in toothpastes and tap water. It's another heavy-duty poison. Avoid it at all costs. It calcifies the pineal tissue and basically shuts the gland down.

3. Organic foods - some pesticides are pineal toxins. Organic healthy food with a high ratio of raw is supportive to pineal detox. Meat is not helpful, either. Some people who channel seem to not be affected but for many the toxicity and density of meat will pose challenges, and we want to make the work easy if we can.

4. Alcohol + Smoking - Naturally these need to go along with the emotional attachments to using them (usually boils down to self-worth issues or unresolved trauma).

5. Heart Healing - raises the overall vibration of the being and heals fear – a useful advantage for when we start seeing other dimensions.

6. Other Toxins - if something is toxic do not put it in your body. If you can't say its name, it's most likely bad. Toxins include artificial sweeteners (aspartame K) , refined sugar, phylenanine (in squashes), E numbers beginning with 1, deodorants, cleaning chemicals, dental mouthwashes (saltwater is sufficient) and air fresheners.

7. Raw Chocolate - Raw cacao is a pineal gland stimulant / detoxifier in high doses because of the high antioxidant content.

Being disciplined with steps 1-6 for a year or so will certainly bring about pineal awakening. Step 6 is optional but very useful too.

Full article: ... gland.html
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:35 am

Here's confirmation of what I'm talking about. This is also posted on the new thread about the Orion Group.

According to many researchers - and this is what I concluded about 5 years ago - we're half angelic and half demonic, being a mixture of two incompatible species (schizoid). We're a "culture", literally, as in a lab. It's not a question of evolution; it's intervention.

Due to this incompatible combination of species (Dracos and Lyrans), humanity not only clashes with itself inwardly, but also with our diet, etc. This video does not specifically deal with the dietary issues here, but it does deal with the others, so it's just a matter, imo, of connecting the dots on the rest of it.

Vegetarians Have Longer Life Expectancy Than Meat Eaters

Study says men live 9 years longer, women live 6 years longer. ... dy?nocount
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:38 am

About midway into this, there is a comparison chart between omnivores, herbivores, carnivores and humans. It is very interesting, and may be the deciding factor to the question of this thread.

"Myths and Truths about Vegetarianism - For Earth, for Animals, for Yourself" is a documentary that systematically analyzes the scientific basis of claims that vegetarianism is unnatural for humans and that we require meat. After watching this, you will find out the exact opposite.

Q&A with Vegan Tri-Athelete ... source=RSS
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:41 am

On the homepage April 1, 2013. Some vegans say "If it has a face, and parents, don't it eat."


Dr. Mercola says "There is no perfect diet for everyone." He says people are divided into 3 different groups:

1. The Protein Group (Does this need to include meat?)

2. The Carbohydrate Group

3. A mixture of the two, equal amounts of both.

He previously charged for taking the quiz, but it's now free, and there is a cookbook that goes with each type.

Uploaded on Jun 23, 2010 Dr. Joseph Mercola, a leading expert in natural health, explains what Nutritional Typing is and how it can help you achieve optimal health.
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:43 am

I'm finding this to be the best video yet!

Have you followed a recommended diet, only to find yourself constantly hungry, feeling fatigued and maybe even gaining a bit of weight? Are you sick and tired of sifting through the vast amounts of information on diet and nutrition and would truly like to find out what is right for you? Do you find yourself struggling with the concept of a "one size fits all" diet plan? Do you wish that you knew specifically which vitamins, minerals and supplements would benefit you most? If you answered yes to any of these questions, understanding your Nutritional ID is important for you.

In this presentation Glen Depke will be teaching us how to determine which nutritional plan would be best for your specific individuality. The genetics as well as the functional health challenges we experience play a role in determining our Nutritional ID. Glen will discuss the concepts of biochemical individuality, Metabolic Typing, Nutritional Typing, Nutritional ID and a specific questionnaire that assists in determining which diet and nutrients may be of greatest benefit. He will also touch on fine tuning your meal plan, shifts in Nutritional ID as well as PH per Nutritional ID.

Glen Depke, Traditional Naturopath, is one of our nation's leaders in hormone balancing, customized nutrition and enzyme therapy. Before moving to California, Glen was the Chief Nutritionist, Primary EFT Therapist and Wellness Director for the world renowned clinic of Dr. Joseph Mercola in the Chicago area. Glen is also the developer of the system of Nutritional Typing used by Dr. Mercola at as well as within his clinic.

Glen holds a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy, Bachelors of Science in Natural Health as well as a Diploma level in Holistic Iridology. He is trained in the Kalish Method of Functional Healing, German Drainage Therapies as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine assessment tools. As a health practitioner, an important distinction with Glen is his ability to get to the core of health challenges rather than simply addressing symptoms. Glen believes optimal health and wellness is our birth right and it is the intention of Depke Wellness to educate the public in regard to this truth.
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:46 am

Neither mold, insects nor rodents will bother a 'happy meal'.

Why McDonald’s Happy Meal Hamburgers Won’t Decompose

"...the reason nothing will eat a McDonald’s hamburger bun (except a human) is because it’s not food!

"No normal animal will perceive a McDonald’s hamburger bun as food, and as it turns out, neither will bacteria or fungi. To their senses, it’s just not edible stuff. That’s why these bionic burger buns just won’t decompose.

"Which brings me to my final point about this whole laughable distraction: There is only one species on planet Earth that’s stupid enough to think a McDonald’s hamburger is food. This species is suffering from skyrocketing rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia and obesity. This species claims to be the most intelligent species on the planet, and yet it behaves in such a moronic way that it feeds its own children poisonous chemicals and such atrocious non-foods that even fungi won’t eat it (and fungi will eat cow manure, just FYI). ... decompose/
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Banned On The Run
Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:47 am

I've recently been reading that it's the Monsanto "glyphosate" they saturate the seed, ground and stalk with in commercial wheat that has become the problem. I had to begin strictly avoiding wheat several years ago.

Is Modern Wheat Making You Fat and Sick?


Our hunter-gatherer ancestors collected all they could from the ground for food including insects, berries, nuts, etc.

In their gathering, they found that the animals were eating grass, and they became curious. They broke it down and somehow incorporated wild wheat into their diet.

This grass was called Einkorn and had only 14 chromosomes.

Plants can mate with each other and combine chromosomes. At some point in time, the wild grass Einkorn mated with another type of wild grass and the offspring Emmer ended up with 28 chromosomes – this is the wheat that is mentioned in the Bible. However, this is not the wheat of today, that is for sure.

In the Middle Ages bread was a staple and very common food. Emmer mated with another grass which contributed more chromosomes to result in Spelt, Triticum landraces with 42 chromosomes.

In 1960, when the threat of world population explosion was imminent, there was an investment made in agricultural research where lots of money and time were devoted to new ways to increase wheat yield.

At this time, different strains of wheat were crossed over and over again to select certain characteristics and to introduce unique genes.

The resulting wheat yielded up to 10 times more per acre.

When this wheat was introduced to many third world countries, famine was greatly reduced within one year. Dr. Norman Borlaug received the Nobel Peace prize for his work creating this high yield strain of wheat.

Because this wheat is so prolific, it has taken over almost all of the world’s wheat supply.

There are also about a million acres of what is known as Clearfield Wheat being grown in the Pacific Northwest.

It is a semi dwarf strain of wheat that has had its seed and embryos exposed to a chemical, sodium azide, which is an industrial toxin.

The makers of Clearfield wheat claim that their wheat is a result of “enhanced, traditional plant breeding techniques,” making a distinction between genetically modified wheat.

However, although no gene splicing techniques were used, many other methods were, such as the purposeful induction of mutations using chemicals, high dose x-ray and radiation techniques to induce mutations coupled with cross breeding.

These methods might be far worse than genetic modification, according to Dr. William Davis, author of the book Wheat Belly.

The government says eat more wheat – what is up with that?

The government tells us that we need to eat more grains, which generally means more wheat.

In the food pyramid, we are advised to eat 60% of calories from grains like wheat. The new food plate design also tells us to get at least 1/4 of our calories from wheat.

Here is why we need to stop listening to what our government is telling us about the food pyramid:

Modern Wheat is a Serious Appetite Stimulant
It is estimated that up to 10% of the population has a sensitivity to the protein in wheat known as gluten (some estimate it may be higher, closer to 30%). However, the other 90% of people who consume wheat really should not be eating it, either.

Here are a few reasons why:

Gluten is a two-part protein that is comprised of gliadin plus glutenin.

Glutenin has a unique elasticity that gives us the ability to stretch our pizza or bread dough or even spin it over our heads, if we are inclined to do so.

Gliadin, the other part of the gluten protein, was heavily studied in the 1970′s by psychiatrists who found that if they took all of the wheat out of the diet of their patients with schizophrenia, they improved markedly. When they put the wheat back, they found that the condition worsened.

So the question asked was, what was in bread that led schizophrenics to hallucinate? It was traced back to the gliadin protein which, when ingested, enters the brain and binds to opiate receptors where it stimulates appetite. In addition, gliadin, acting like an opiate in the brain, has other disastrous effects.

For example, people with ADHD become hypersensitive and have behavioral outbursts, people with schizophrenia have major hallucinations, people who are bipolar become increasingly manic and those with eating disorders, such as binge eating, will develop food obsessions.

By 1985, everything at the supermarket with wheat in it came from the prolific semi-dwarf strain or a spinoff.

Interestingly enough, if you compare what happened to America’s weight prior to and after 1985 it is evident that there was an obesity explosion that is still happening today shortly after the “new” wheat was introduced.

A huge increase in the number of diabetics also followed. Although cause and effect cannot be proven scientifically – it seems evident that we have all been fed an appetite stimulant.

Modern Wheat Destroys Blood Sugar
Two slices of whole wheat bread raise blood sugar higher than 6 teaspoons of table sugar. How does this happen when whole wheat is considered a complex carbohydrate that we are encouraged to eat more of?

The complex carbohydrate of wheat is called Amylopectin A, which is highly sensitive to amylase, which we have in our stomach and mouth. This makes it very easy to digest and raises blood sugar rapidly — even more rapidly and to a higher extent than pure table sugar.

Wheat for breakfast, wheat for lunch and wheat for snacks results in visceral fat that encircles the intestines, heart, liver and kidneys. Repetitive high blood sugar over and over results in what Dr. Davis calls a “wheat belly.”

Modern Wheat Causes Inflammation
When bacteria or a virus enters the body our immune system responds in many ways.

Plants do not have the same type of immune system, but they have lectins which are proteins that are toxic to mold, fungi and insects.

Some lectins are benign to humans like the lectin found in spinach, while some are very toxic. The lectin in wheat (Wheat Germ Agglutinin) is a four-part complex molecule.

When this lectin is isolated and given to rats in very small amounts, it destroys the small intestine. Average Americans consume about 10-20 mg of the wheat lectin in a day; that’s enough to do significant damage.

When we consume wheat, the gliadin protein unlocks the normal intestinal barrier and allows foreign substances entry into the bloodstream – substances such as wheat lectin. This is why people who eat wheat have autoimmune and inflammatory distress such as joint inflammation, bowel inflammation, acid reflux, inflammation of the brain, inflammation of the airways, etc. In fact, there is not one system that escapes the inflammatory assault of wheat.

What Happens When We Remove Wheat From Our Diet?
First of all, taking wheat out of the diet is not as easy as might think – it is in a lot of foods – even ones we would not associate with having wheat.

For example, wheat is in Twizzlers, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, taco seasoning, frozen dinners, cereals, salad dressings, granola bars and a lot more.

Why is there wheat in so many products? In 1960, we could find wheat only in things where we would expect to find wheat – breads, pastas, pancake mix, etc. Today is an entirely different story – wheat is in all kinds of foods where we would not expect to find it.

Is it possible that food manufacturers know a little something about wheat as an appetite stimulant (on top of the fact that is it heavily subsidized by our government and therefore artificially inexpensive)?

Impact of a Wheat-Free Diet
Dr. Davis tells us that taking wheat out of the diet will result in the following:

Improved weight loss
Reduced appetite
Lowered blood sugar
Reduced joint pain
Reduced inflammation
Improvement in cognitive function
Reduced anxiety
Reduced food obsessions
Reduced blood pressure
Reduced triglycerides
Increased energy
Improved sleep

What About Gluten-Free?
Although going gluten free is a good thing because you avoid problems with gluten and gliadin, wheat germ agglutinin and amylopectin A, gluten-free foods contain other potentially harmful ingredients, mainly potato starch, rice starch, tapioca starch and corn starch.

These are the only foods that raise blood sugar almost just as high as the amylopectin A found in wheat.

Warning: If you choose to be gluten-free, avoid the commercial gluten-free products, at least until you educate yourself on the differences between the various gluten-free products on the market.

...look for products made from nut flours, coconut flour, and bean flours as opposed to rice flours, tapioca, corn and potato starch… my good friend Kelley Herring shows you how to make amazing gluten-free and low-carb desserts, which all use healthy low-carb, high-fiber flours and natural sweeteners instead of the blood sugar disasters that are most gluten-free products on the market today)

What Can I Eat?
Eat real, single-ingredient, non-grain foods as much as possible.

You can focus most of your diet on nuts, healthy fats, organic fruits/ vegetables, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey, wild-caught salmon, organic eggs, coconuts, avocados, seeds, olive and hemp oils as well as a variety of other foods that are in their natural state.

The more processed and refined a food is, the more likely it contains wheat and other by-products of the refinement process that are just too dangerous to your health.
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Banned On The Run
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Re: Is There A Correct Human Diet?

Postby Silversong » Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:49 am

Mark Passio Talks About Eating Meat (Carnism)

Full Version. I have not listened to all of this.
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