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Postby bandi » Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:46 am

I was watching one of the Rotten Apple videos tonight, RA 9q and I'm still stunned at what I saw. I don't know what the consensus is regarding these videos; I seem to go back and forth between feeling that they are put together by a very connected insider (maybe even by someone that we'd never imagine it could possibly be) or just some guy trying to exercise his video making skills. I'm leaning toward it possibly being an insider.


In any event, at 3:04 seconds into this video there is one of those incredibly fast flashes of photos that stopped me dead in my tracks. It is a picture of a man's head and face with the top of his shoulders showing. It's taken from the front showing his face. That's the thing though, his face is about 3/4 missing along with the top of his head. It's just gone. It's a very graphic thing to look at, but if you can get past the goriness of the photo and really look at what's left of the face and head, you'd swear it's one of the JPM's. Like the one who spent some time with the band at the end of their run (65-66?). One of the taller ones, not the really short one.
I know it may seem like I'm slipping back into my pre-knowledge period when I used to believe there was always only one JPM, but I don't think that's what is happening. To be honest, I think this is a photo that was released as a method of disclosure thing, where they show us things, even in a case like this where it's done so quickly that 99.9% of us will miss it it's flashed so darn fast, so their karma is cleansed. We have all heard what they believe, that if they tell or show us what they've done or what they're doing they won't suffer any consequences for their actions if we don't say or do anything about it. Well, I'm saying this: that I believe this fraction of a second flash of one of the most horribly explicit things I've ever seen (and I've been in situations that you're sure you'll never see anything again as horrible as what is in front of you right than and there) is quite possibly a photo of what very well may be James Paul McCartney. It looks frighteningly like him.

I hope no one gets sick or is scarred after seeing this photo.
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Re: Iamaphoney

Postby Silversong » Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:48 pm

I hope this will settle the matter once and for all that "Iamaphoney" is indeed himself the phoney. For a long time, I was in touch with a former member of his 'team', who pointed out to me how IAAP has repeatedly shown in his videos that he is spoofing us. He says so himself.

Take a look here also: ... iamaphoney
As has been explored elsewhere, iamaphoney uses editing to create false implications.

Plus, the use of questionable sources, conflicting implications, and misconstruing of non-issues to create an issue out of context.

His interviews with Emilio Lari are no exception.

RA 81a - Interview with Emilio Lari

And from the FFD thread about Debunking IAAP:
He's trying to say they're 'disclosing' that this is Billy:

However, as Lololark pointed out:
This video clip is from the fictional film "Give My Regards to Broad Street". The old man sitting down is a character named William played by an actor named Frank Duncan. Paul plays himself in the movie. The line "You know William" is directed at Paul.

that scene (7:40)

Actor credits

And here he would have us believe someone is addressing him as "Billy":

Here is the original film. You can see that from 1:25-1:40, the old woman is talking to Paul about something else, and never says “Hello, Billy” to him. After the old lady is done talking to Paul, you hear another, younger sounding woman in the room say “Hello, Billy, are you going to sit here?” I doubt they were talking to Paul because he was already seated.

IAAP moved the audio around in his video. It turns out, he overvoiced the fact that someone said, "Hello, Milly". His videos are frauds, and he says so himself if you watch and listen closely.

Here's a good close-up of Paul's face in the second interview. The year is 1973, so it's probably the Paul who sang Band on the Run, with very short, low eyebrows, like one of the Pauls from 1961.

At the very end of the vid, his facial pouch shows up really well. And those balloon cheeks again like on Ed Sullivan in 1966?

Looks so similar to this one, too.

Lololark posted this in August 2012:
A member of the NIR forum posted this a couple months ago. I thought I'd post it here.

"For over four years, I've wondered who was the elderly man with the British accent on the earlier Rotten Apple segments who described his involvement in the coverup surrounding the death of Paul McCartney.

Answer: He is the voice on a work of fiction in audiobook form ("I Buried Paul") written by author Jerome Wallerstein."

the NIR member continues, "I'm actually slightly disappointed. Whenever my sense of wonder was eclipsing my common sense, I "wondered" if Iamaphoney really did have an audio-recorded story from a Beatles insider.

Now, of course, I learn that my common sense instinct was the better one and that Iamaphoney simply borrowed his "witness" from an audio-recorded work of fiction."

(The NIR member didn't mention which particular RA videos these were in).

As well as this:

Here is a video that is being championed by SunKing and his followers. They claim George Harrison refers to Paul as Faul:

That video has been manipulated. The Ps in "Paul" have been replaced with Fs. Watch the original videos. The F he uses in "free" sounds just like the F he uses in "Faul".

And those bizarrely manipulated photos were inserted by whoever put this together. There’s plenty of things to jump on in that interview without resorting to the very thing they claim ‘Faul’ is doing. I’ll even give them one, at one point he says “Paul really put another nail in his coffin.” I don't even think the guy that made this is a PIDer. His other PID videos seem like spoofs.

He then had posted the original Midday Show with Ray Martin. February, 8 1988, saying:
(the Ps are at 9:45 & 10:15)

but of course, that video has been removed from the web.

go to 2:30
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